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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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gary mckinnon who's accused of hacking into the pentagon will remain in the u.k. as the home secretary blocks his extradition to the u.s. . the fate of a prominent human rights activist and not be all about job is still up in the air as a bus train court adjourns with a trial for organizing illegal protests to resume next month. and the e.u. takes nineteen iranian state run t.v. and radio stations off the air that's on top of other signs sions against terror run over its nuclear program.
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with news from russia and around the world this is art's he with me rory suchet live in moscow briton gary mckinnon who's accused of hacking into the pentagon will not be extradited to the u.s. the british home secretary decided that sending mckinnon who suffers from aspersions syndrome to america carried the risk that he might try to take his own life reporting from london artie's polyploid. waterboarding of the mind that's what gary mckinnon's mother has called the eleven year wait to know what's going to happen to your son the experience of waiting all that time from when he was arrested back in two thousand and two for hacking into u.s. military computers all the time the u.s. has wanted him to go on trial where he could face a potential tension sixty year sentence now it's a massive side of relief for mccann and he now knows that he's not facing extradition to reason maybe said that it would be because of it would be
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a breach of his human rights to send him because gary mckinnon as many now know he is mentally ill and he would be at a massive risk of suicide if he were to go to the states now. there's been a strong line of pressure from the united states to send him over so this is very much a difficult decision for the home secretary that she had to make today however she has now made it now means that government mckinnon stays in the u.k. and prosecutors here are going to decide whether or not he should face trial in the u.k. why did repercussions from the decision on gary mckinnon today that's interesting to a lot of observers a lot of people in the u.k. have spoken for a long time now about how unbalanced an undergrad the u.k. u.s. extradition treaty is. nine times more britons go over to the u.s. in the past ten years than u.s. citizens come over to the u.k. to be tried so what the home secretary has suggested is that there is now going to be a forum for anybody who is wanted by the united states and that means in plain terms
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it means that anybody wanted by the u.s. is going to have a hearing in the u.k. where judges will decide whether or not it's fair to send a suspect over to the states of course want to put a reporting there from london the appeal hearing for a prominent human rights activist a judge until next month. was jailed for three years in august for. organizing and participating in illegal rallies or jobs a sentence brought hundreds of pro-reform demonstrators onto the streets demanding his release but on rest in bahrain has been ongoing for more than twenty months with fights between police and demonstrators are opting almost daily around eighty people have been killed since the clashes began thousands of arrested in crackdowns by the sunni rules on the mostly shia campaigners the protesters are demanding more rights equal access to jobs and education opportunities human rights advocate site
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you'll. attended rajab hearing. just just a few to do we do see any of that with these the many with this is. just the five here is the money that would be to us we would have put these little gems just a few we do want to see do we want to see that if we don't use these food we just want to go to everyone he was avoiding. this feeling to hear. it seems that the government just did do what they want to go on that you want to keep this. up was that you bought it used to give us the image that you want and it was not that it must be just wanted to check or that he's now talking to media is there can i live with that do you visit that could he do that by you know if he wanted to be nosy if you think do you think what's happening is that people are out of the kids and. we want to protect you know that of who she became what it would not want
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people to see is the to get we would put this in there with words that. the u.s. has admitted that weapons shipped to the syrian rebels from abroad bolstering the strength of islamic extremists by washington assistance only providing quote non-lethal aid to the opposition some american officials admit that radical elements are poised to take over syria if assad falls with details now to ati's arena. the u.s. has admitted that the aid which they have been sending towards the syrian rebels actually does not end up in the hands of the groups which they were hoping it would end up and quite on the contrary the united states officials are now saying that in fact the money that they keep sending over which then goes towards the purchasing of arms end up in the hands of the islamist extremist groups the arms are being purchased by qatar and saudi arabia which have a tendency to prefer the radical movements such as the sellers who then end up with
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these. extremely expensive weapons which they then use against the troops of president bashar also even groups the secular opposition groups within syria itself are saying that they simply cannot afford to buy the same type of arms which are being used by the radicals neither do they can they afford the cameras which are being used by these radical groups such as the free syrian army who are then using it to broadcast their accomplishments or failures on you tube and the like of course the united states administration at this point is concerned that the arms are ending up in the hands of the extremist groups because they fear that in the future these groups will turn into insurgencies which then will retaliate against the united states of course there are also other diplomats within the middle eastern circuits were saying about at this point a lot of people are being frustrated with the syrian opposition who have proven
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that they unfortunately cannot unite over one plan according to the some named diplomats who has been cited by various that media sources they have come to the conclusion that the syrian opposition is essentially a large conglomeration of smaller groups who spend their time bickering and cannot come to any one agreement and it's this very fact that there is no agreement or there is no clear cut plan which is also worrying to the united states now u.s. officials are saying that it's because there are. no plan as to what's going to happen in the future these here that is president bush are also it is our that will mean that in the turmoil which follows there will be a civil war in which the radical islamist groups will be much better armed than will be a lot better financed than the secular groups and that will just mean they play out all of the libyan scenario all over again our correspondent reporting and now the u.s. in the meantime has boxed turkey's move to inspect syria abounded jets with ankara
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saying it will intercept all such flights he has already grounded two planes and searched its cargo for possible military equipment. the editor in chief of a german news magazine says that ankara is flexing its muscles because it's already involved in a proxy war with damascus. why should you put one hundred more tanks towards the syrian border why should the turkey big business why should they discuss how it would take against the syrian parkers as the syrian side of the border. it looks like a war preparation and you don't more. planning of or syrian war which is going on in syria in my opinion not a super. proxy war and true he is already very much more or by sending mercenaries by giving sialic or or training camps by sending more
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material to syria so turkey is already moving this more and more we see here is the program or we witness it since a long time for a countdown which could see the u.k. and scotland go their separate ways after over three centuries has begun prime minister david cameron and scotland's first minister have signed a deal for a two thousand and fourteen referendum which could lead to the nation's sovereignty sarah first looks at the campaigns both for and against independents. buying this starting shows with that pens and what's being dubbed the edge and bradley mint is signed it's being described as the most important political to thinkin to face the united kingdom for three hundred years that prime minister david cameron the first minister alex salmond meeting to sign his story on independence referendum out of the battle for scotland begins after years of
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political wrangling the face fighting will now commence they sides will want to put their arguments forward and some people will be getting their clues out in his press conference alex salmond had to field a question asking why he wants to tear up the british flag when i was of the georgia line. at the b.b.c. and the. business. we have in the business of developing a new relationship between the peoples of so i think a more beneficial and independently foolish unshipped that's what we're trying to build points of focus for both sides will be the economy and she's of defense whether scott then with the strong get going it alone really is better where it is and the referendum to be held to will see enda twenty fourteen will focus on a single question whether scotland becomes independent or not dropping the much me
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to third option that would have seen more powers going to scotland last remaining inside the union this is now an all or nothing game with the polls have been consistent over the past decade if not longer the support for independence remains at about the first of the population it doesn't really get much higher than that but those days in the pro union camp they seem outwardly confident as the pro independence group are quick to point out the outcome of this fight is far from the given. for we should give. you. that we were going to be very hard. indeed the s.n.p. now hold sixty nine of the hundred and twenty nine seats in parliament but the
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stakes are high many feel the first minister has bet his career to the worst scotland to vote for independence it would be set to lose a third of its land mass and most of its oil and so with everything still to play for these were the first concrete steps on the word. the possible scottish independence sir. edinburgh. now iran's media silenced in europe as a leading satellite provider takes nineteen stations off the air even though the latest round of sanctions against iran only targeted bank transfers and trade we asked one expert what this means for the issue of freedom of speech. plus a forum that millionaires hunting for famous vineyards across france are accused of threatening the country's national identity that and other stories are just ahead for you after a short break. tucked
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in between the russian mainland japan and the succulent island is the island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the borders own and was completely restricted to visit is no this picture is place is open to tourists unique plants and animals are its top attraction. really has been exploring the deaths of the world seas for several decades but it's here at more your own island where he has finally found what he'd been looking for . the water here is very clear the visibility is very good and the underwater world
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here is the extreme the rich i've been to many diving locations across the planet including the island of bali but mine are on tops my list while some go to the sakhalin region to enjoy the sights others convert the island's nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in. russia the tonight show hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon care we are almost unnecessary attribute of anything in russia the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than one hundred million dollars net profit . and to a large extent this is old to do what cycling offers environmentally it tonight operates in the only and natural habitat and mild climate unique natural sights and delicious seafood succulent can offer a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become
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a major tourist destination. thanks for joining us here on r.t. today on rory sushi in moscow nineteen iranian state run t.v. and radio stations have been taken off the air in the e.u. at the decision by a leading european satellite provider follows a tightening of sanctions against tehran by european officials the measures targeting iran's banking sector and energy trader aimed at making it curb its nuclear program and professor forward izadi from the university of tehran says the ban has actually been a long time coming. some of the european governments the united states government doesn't like iranian media outlets you may remember in the leaky leaks documents we
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have had cables that you know u.s. officials talk about iranian channels and talk about thinking about finding ways of stopping their broadcasting and banning them many of these channels that have been banned actually broadcast in farsi for iranian expatriates who live in united states or europe so the situation that we hardly obviously punter ready to freedom of information on the number of missing countries all this talk about. the issue of freedom of speech that we also hear from united states a number of european countries all the time and i think it basically shows that there's a double the same that when it comes to iranian freedom of speech this is the noises or progressive voices from iran that has to be banned but there really is not related to. the lawyers of five people accused of planning the nine eleven attacks say the u.s. wants to cover up the fact they were all tortured in secret cia prisons pretrial
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hearings are underway in guantanamo bay for the men including the self professed mastermind of september the eleventh and the case has raised international concern over washington's methods of questioning captives the week long pretrial now has to determine whether to allow them to freely say in court what happened during their years in custody alive transmissions from the courtroom though will be covered by a forty second sound delay lawyer and retired air force colonel morris davis though he thinks that this policy it's less about protecting the nation and much more about saving face. was really a very bizarre process has been used before really what the defense is asking to do here is to deviate from what has been the process in the past and to allow the public through the media to understand what took place but it's a very bizarre environment. you're seated behind a glass window where they can see the movement in the animation in the in the lips movie in the courtroom but the sound lags forty seconds or more behind that it
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times is blanked out entirely so the motions in the words never quite match which i guess that guantanamo is is a program i think by and large is the embarrassment over what we did in trying to keep that quiet i mean i was on a panel last week here in d.c. with one of the senior members of the prosecution team who said all these trials are going to be in transparency but as you've seen today i mean transparency is a forty second sound allay and reporters tweeting from guantanamo in these are extraordinarily transparent but the public can attend in like you said you know the government can pick and choose what it wants to blank out and i think that's the purpose of the military commissions is to try to avoid embarrassment over things that we did in some cases a decade ago. this is r.t. and billionaire black arts in the battle for the white house vote or you're out the koch brothers wall and their employees there will be layoffs if they support
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president obama in the twenty twelve election. cyberwarfare enflamed new virus uncovered by a russian computer experts could be adding to already heightened tensions in the middle east to find out more at r.t. dot com. let's get some other international headlines for you now with the sea world update starting in germany where a chemical accident of a german food plant forced more than one thousand people from their homes a cloud of poisonous gas smother the town after employees i thought factory run by the u.s. giant kraft foods accidentally mixed chemicals that produced a violent reaction to local authorities closed roads schools and imposed a state of emergency in the town. the u.s. secretary of state has taken the blame for an attack on american diplomats in libya in which the ambassador died clinton said. she was personally in charge of ensuring their security comments came amid reports that america is preparing
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a harsh response to that benghazi attack with special forces on high alert and drones flying over northern africa. in the united states a presidential candidates barack obama and mitt romney are preparing for their second t.v. debate this time the verbal duel will focus mostly on domestic policy commentators expect obama to put in a more forceful display sure the critics award the first face to face class to his republican rival meanwhile romney's campaign reportedly raised one hundred and seventy one million dollars in september setting a new record in american election history. i want to change when america picks its president amid muslim rage walking the around ty's road pushing china and russia as occupy anger spreads to parties still dictate will the. u.s. election of clothes. are beginning or two or twenty second are going to stay with
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us if you can for katie pilbeam in the business starts in just a sec for now though the bottle is half empty for some french wine makers they say that foreign investors buying up some of the nation's most iconic vineyards putting centuries of tradition at risk artie's maria financial reports on a case of sour grapes. wine the french culture pride and prestige but some say the country's national identity is now threatened by foreigners hunting for the news all across the country this shot so we've just had to have the vineyards in french burgundy region home to one of world's famous wines made the headlines after it was purchased by china's entrepreneur former owners pushed by financial troubles were forced to sell it and the merchant made an offer twice the market price and that's. has worried some in the hysteria that followed the front national france's far right party slender deal
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as emblematic of the danger threatening french heritage with much bigger chateaus already owned by japanese and russians just next door such a reaction to this particular sale could be taken as an eco of the so-called their you join or yellow peril in the sixty's that paranoia of asian world dominance political economic and demographic that seems to be making this comeback these days but there is no smoke without fire michelle the oh no thirty have tears of shouted only graves producing two hundred fifty thousand of bottles pier says the reason a problem but it's not that foreigners buy french family vineyards but that the owners have to sell them. but the cost taxes are very high and the hardest thing is to cover in heritance taxes while many so part of their farms to overcome that and it's progressive every next generation has to pay more for those to michelle who will likely sacrifice one had told to but he fears in fifty years' time he'll have sold a lot of foreign investors could be playing
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a negative role here too taxes depend on the region's average sale prices but with some businessman from abroad paying twice or even three times market values the a force in high costs on the locals and that many are worried these investors don't care about the industry they are buying into. but that these people they come here and they buy land just like they buy a castle or jewelry or are the really good investors the taxes go up because of them but will they keep the wind quality up well we think there should be a state protectionism policy here. but some experts are skeptical of state support saying the french authorities are not only unhelpful but actually troublemaking. there are many regulations that impede development to bring your bric rating thinks every do. the enterprise chief has to prove with his lawyers and accountants about and then sent to different ministers at least to people on social environmental or
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fiscal security can you imagine how much effort that it takes while it could be directed to really worthwhile things it's not wants and with the eurozone economies in such trouble risks a high these not twice could become too late the industry teams could well and truly be over a borrow more if not t. repulsion from france. are just a couple of minutes or an aussie that. will be joining us with the best. news in sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation and why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care only on the dog.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. download the official application to self choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch on t.v. any time either.
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more news today volunteers once again fled the. scene these are the images go viral it has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day . welcome to business city group workers will be welcoming a new boss today michael colbert's head of year right now he'll take over from vic
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compound who let the bag through a u.s. bailout while repaying the habits and two hundred sixty one million dollars for himself so let's see how the traders are reacting to all of this a wall street right now against the figures and see that they are indeed absorbing that news that it looks like it is so far that hasn't just to production rose more than expected as well as a whole plethora of corporate earnings to top paying customers european markets the rating agency standard and poor's coloration of fifty spanish banks the exchange rate the euro remains up as well investors will now be turning their attentions to the e.u. summit later on this week for clues on the spanish bailout meanwhile the russian currency remains mixed and the last hour of trade here most. of the extra mark is all still managing to hold on to gaze as we can see mirroring the general global momentum we've got today in the session last time we brushed up oil money quick big
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returns on investments booming concealment of that small investors to russia for the crisis now five years later is a case of deja vu the country's currency market became an even stronger magnet for foreign investors touch on africa she tells us why. the middle class in russia has tripled over the last five years to more than ten million households not so many but each person here has substantially more buying power than the average in china brazil india a survey or a kitchen p.r. agency based on the opinions of three hundred forty two reveals it's these russian consumers that are tracting investors to the contrary rim. people from outside think that the most attractive feature is the resources of the oil that's the third and has actually gone down slightly in attractiveness the most important one though is the growing in the wealth of the middle class and so that move from second
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position to first and for the best is see the middle class and the growing middle classes being the most attractive feature of russia the survey is showing much more positive enthusiasm for russia compared to five years ago before the crisis in two thousand and seven and so literally over seventy percent of the companies invested here feel good about their investment over seventy percent feel the country's on the right path those are really strong numbers russians who are not story as big spenders as to hitting the shops and they make the parts i think globally. and that compares favorably with the near zero growth rate and with. that kind of money for the business r.t. . up next the president of the u.n. general assembly how much leverage does the well parties still have in solving complex a mother is still impossible and.


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